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Red Tape Health Check

Twice a year, hundreds of pages of new regulations come into force. Many of them directly affect your business. How can you possibly keep up?

IncWise's unique Red Tape Health Check is a package of special services to help you get your UK business into compliance with the law - and stay there.

Your Problem

There are thousands of pages of laws and regulations which apply to every business, large and small. No one can be expected to know it all, and trying to comply can be a big distraction from running your business.

Yet the consequences of failure can be severe:

The DTI publishes "The No-Nonsense Guide" to rules and regulations for most businesses. It's a helpful starting point, but it doesn't give you much help in solving these problems. It's as if you went to your doctor for a check-up, and he told you, "You need to check your weight, eyesight, hearing, reflexes, cholesterol and blood sugar levels." All true, but how do you do it?

Our Solution

Instead, imagine the good doctor doing all these tests for you. Maybe you are completely healthy. You leave the doctor's surgery with a spring in your step, with the peace of mind of knowing that you are healthy.

Or maybe the doctor finds a problem. Perhaps it's nothing more than a minor infection, for which he writes you a prescription. Occasionally, it might be something more serious - and now it can be treated before the problem gets out of hand. Lucky you had the check-up in time.

At IncWise, we believe that every business needs a check-up, just as much as a human body. You don't just need to know that there is this-law, that-law and the-other-law, with this prosecution and that fine for not complying. You also need to know if you are following the law or breaking it, and you need to fix any problems.

That's why we created the IncWise Red Tape Health Check. We're here to spot the problems and fix them - or help you fix them - before they become too big. And we're here so that you can spend less time worrying about red tape and more time concentrating on what's really important - making your business a success.

How Does It Work?

We start by asking you for some simple information about your business. You will need to send us copies of some of your paperwork. Don't worry if you don't have it - after all, we are trying to sort out your problems.

With that, we check what's missing and what could be improved.

Then (and here's the best part), we provide you with the solutions.

Result? Your business can be better protected against Employment Tribunal claims, Health & Safety prosecutions, problems with Companies House, data protection issues online, and much more.

Red Tape Health Check consists of 5 modules. You can buy any of them, or the whole package.

Employment Health Check


to help you look after your employees, and protect yourself against legal claims by employees

Corporate Health Check


to make sure your company records and filings are legally compliant

General Business Health Check


to bring your company stationery, invoices and terms of business up to date

Health & Safety Health Check


to guide you through the maze of Risk Assessments and disability discrimination law

e-Business Health Check


to make sure your web site, e-mails and e-business do not fall foul of the law

We don't claim to fix every problem you have with red tape. There will still be things you have to do yourself. For example, the law says that you have to do the Risk Assessments, and you are responsible for them. There's no point in us pretending that we can do it for you.

But what we can do is to show you what you should be doing, and make them simple, in plain English, not jargon. Just as your doctor can't eat for you, but can show you how to have a healthier diet.

So Is It All About Rules and Paperwork?

Absolutely not.

There are real business benefits to complying with many of the government's rules and regulations:

and so on. Some say these benefits are worth disrupting your business for. At IncWise, we say: "you can have them without disrupting your business".

What Does It Cost?

We all know that red tape is hugely expensive. According to the British Chamber of Commerce, new regulations since 1997 alone have cost UK businesses £30 billion. And that doesn't include the cost of not complying - in fines, legal costs and even loss of business.

At IncWise, we believe that it doesn't have to be this way. This is our core area of expertise. It means that we are able to find the problems, and sort them out, much quicker than you would be able to do it yourself, and pass the savings onto you.

That's why we can offer each of the modules -

for just £199+VAT each.

Better still, you can buy all 5 modules for just £750+VAT, saving you £245.

There's no reason to delay, and every day increases the risk of your business having to pay out much more than £750 in fines or lawsuits. So click Select and Buy to order Red Tape Health Check for your business.

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