Why Our Companies Are Better

(1) No Paperwork

Our service includes completion of all the necessary paperwork.

Most company formation agents will form the company, send you the certificate of incorporation and then leave you to it. If you are lucky, you might also get a set of blank statutory registers. The law says you have to fill them in, and issue share certificates. That takes up your valuable time - and if you are not legally trained, it is easy to get wrong.

We do things differently. When you incorporate with incorporate.co.uk, the follow-up paperwork is done for you. You receive:

If your company formation agent is offering a "cheaper" alternative, ask yourself what you are really getting for your money.

(2) Cleaner, Quicker Companies

Here's what traditional company formation agents do:

Unfortunately this can cause confusion when you want to open a bank account, make a credit application or try to enter an important contract. The other person often wants extra proof that you own and run the company.

Our companies are different. We are one of the few agents licensed by Companies House to incorporate companies online. This means we can form the companies with the directors and shareholders you want, right from the start, instead of our nominees.

The company is cleaner, and there are no forms to fill in either. Everything is done on our secure website in just a few minutes.

It also means that we are far, far quicker than most. Companies House quote a turnaround of 3-5 days. In fact they are usually much faster - we can usually provide you with a company ready to trade in just 8 working hours. That level of service would normally cost you around £200, but our limited companies are available to you for just £75.

(3) Our Prices Are All-Inclusive

With our companies the price you see is the price you pay. There is no additional VAT, "Companies House incorporation fee" or any other charge. They are all included.

You should also be aware that some company formation agents incorporate companies with their own nominees as shareholders. We don't do this. The company is formed with your chosen shareholders in the first place. That means no transfer is needed, and no stamp duty is payable.

That's why we guarantee that you will not find a better deal for all-inclusive UK company formation anywhere on the web.