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  • The best company formation deal ever? You've just found it.
  • We explode the myth that it is is difficult, slow and expensive to have your own company.
  • Company formations will never be the same again.
  • Simple and straightforward terms and conditions

You can form a UK company today, for just £5 plus taxes and fees.

We are one of the few agencies authorised by Companies House to incorporate electronically with Companies House. This means your company is usually formed within just one working day.

We have invested heavily in making this the most efficient company formation service available. This means we are able to beat the price of any competitor.

It is even cheaper than doing it yourself with paper forms, but without the hassle or the delays and the potentially serious errors.

On top of that, you get our registered office service, company secretary services and protection of directors' privacy absolutely free for 3 months. You won't have to worry about keeping your statutory records, filing documents with Companies House, or finding somewhere to act as your official location. We do it all for you.


There are no paper forms to complete. You can do everything online on our secure website in just minutes.

Then sit back, relax, and wait for your company to be formed. We e-mail the Certificate of Incorporation to you as soon as it arrives.

Your company is provided to you with all the paperwork completed, clean and ready to trade.

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Fast and Clean

Here's what traditional company formation agent, solicitor or accountant will do:

  • Incorporate a company with their own nominees as directors and shareholders.
  • Wait for the papers to come back from Companies House.
  • Sell you the new company and transfer the shares to you.
  • Appoint your chosen directors.
  • Have their nominee directors resign.
  • Change the name, if you didn't get to choose it in the first place.
  • Send all the papers to Companies House.

Unfortunately this can cause confusion when you want to open a bank account, make a credit application or try to enter an important contract. You may be asked for extra proof that you own and run the company, and that can slow you down.

Our companies are different. We are one of the few agents authorised by Companies House to incorporate companies online. This means we form the companies with the directors and shareholders you want, right from the start, instead of our nominees.

Your company is formed with your chosen name, and with the people you want as directors and shareholders.

It is cleaner, and there are no extra forms to fill in.

It is also much quicker.

From entering your details to having your company formed and ready to trade usually takes less than one working day, and often as little as 4 hours.

That's much faster than buying a company "off-the-shelf" and faster than many premium priced same day services.

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Fully Complete

Our service includes completion of all the necessary paperwork to let your company trade. We don't skimp just because the price is low, because we want you to be so satisfied that you come back to use some of our wide range of our company services.

Most company formation agents will form the company, send you the certificate of incorporation and then leave you to it. If you are lucky, you might also get a set of blank statutory registers. The law says you have to fill them in, and issue share certificates. That takes up your valuable time - and if you are not legally trained, it is easy to get wrong.

We do things differently. When you incorporate with us, the follow-up paperwork is done for you.

The statutory registers are fully completed. You can view them on our secure website and print them, using the password we send you.

We send you fully completed share certificates, ready for signing and filing.

You receive a copy of the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association, ready for printing.

If the company needs first board minutes to trade, we send you those too.

You can easily pay up to £200 for this service. We think this should all be done as part of your company formation, which is why it is all included in your £5 fee.

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It's green too.

We don't do anything on paper. The whole service is electronic, compared with the 80 or so pages of documents which are printed and posted around the country in an old-style company formation.

The documents we send you will be in PDF format, and you will need to have the right software on your computer to read them (Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher). You can download Adobe Reader free.

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Free Company Name Check

We even automatically protect the address of the directors.

You can even check whether your company name has already been taken. This is important because if the name is rejected by Companies House, your incorporation is slowed down and there may be a surcharge.

Company names are checked automatically when you order, but if you prefer you can check your company name right now before you order.

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Free Registered Office Service

And there's more.

You also receive our Registered Office Service free for 3 months.

By law, your company must have a registered office, where the company receives official mail and where its statutory records, such as the list of directors and shareholders, are available for inspection.

A formal registered office can also help to create the image of a company which is bigger than it really is. And it is essential for small companies who might otherwise have to use a director's home address as the registered office.

Our Registered Office Service includes:

  • Allowing you to use our office as your company's registered office
  • Displaying your company's name in our reception area
  • Holding your company's statutory registers
  • Making your company's statutory registers available for inspection, in accordance with current law

Of course, this service is not a mail handling service. We obviously only deal with official mail which has to be sent to the company's registered office, such as certain statutory letters and court documents. If you require a mail handling service, we are happy to recommend a Virtual Office service.

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Free Company Secretary Service

On top of that, you also get our Company Secretary Service, to help make sure you comply with company law.

There are now more than 20 different offences for which a director can technically be imprisoned. Although this is not likely to happen for a genuine mistake, you could still find that the company is fined, or loses its credit rating, or is even struck off the register and its assets confiscated.

The best way to avoid this is simply to make sure that an experienced professional takes care of your company secretarial matters. With our company secretary service, you will not have to worry about keeping your company's statutory registers up to date - we do it for you.

Our service includes:

  • Acting as nominee company secretary
  • Writing up your company's statutory registers after incorporation
  • Preparing the first board minutes if they are needed
  • Preparing share certificates, ready for signature
  • Filing all necessary documents with Companies House
  • Protecting the company from corporate hijacking, by limiting the ways in which the officers can be changed
  • E-mail reminder service to ensure that you do not miss important deadlines
  • Preparing and filing the company's Annual Return, including payment of the fee (which would otherwise cost you £30 per year if you filed on paper)
  • Secure online access so that you can see or change your company details on screen
  • Having every one of your changes cross-checked by experienced professionals to ensure that it complies with company law
  • Updating the registers and filing documents with Companies House for transfers / allotments / appointments or resignations of directors. Stamp duty is not included, but unlike most company secretary services, there is no extra fee.
  • Production of all the paperwork you need, via our online service
  • Specialist services at a discounted rate if required

All this comes free for 3 months.

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Free Privacy Service

We even automatically protect the address of the directors.

Normally, the addresses of directors are shown on the public register, where anyone can see them for a small fee. But you can use our address service absolutely free for 3 months.

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£5 and free services? What's the catch?

The catch is that we hope you like our services and come back for more!

As you should expect, there are a few limitations for companies at this price. All companies must be "private companies limited by shares" - by far the most common type of company. They are all registered in England and Wales (which doesn't stop the company from operating from Scotland or Northern Ireland), and you are limited to two directors and two shareholders - you can add more later if you like.

If you change your mind before the company trades, you can simply have it it struck off the register and never pay us another penny. (Companies House may charge you a fee, currently £10.)

At the end of the free period, the registered office, company secretary and director address services will automatically continue unless you have cancelled. You will be charged at our special low rate of £5+VAT per month for all of these services. As long as your monthly payments are up to date, this includes your annual return fee, which would cost you £30 per year if you file on paper.

We ask you to sign up for a "PayPal recurring subscription" when you order. This saves us from bothering you for payment every month and keeps our admin costs down, which enables us to offer you these low prices. You can cancel this whenever you like and have no further obligation to us. This is as simple as just cancelling the subscription with PayPal.

If you cancel, you will need to find a new registered office in England and Wales, have us resign as company secretary (and appoint a new one if you choose), and give a new service address for the directors if you are using that service. We can file these changes for a small administration fee of £10+VAT, which is only fair since we are practically giving our companies away, and throwing in free services. Even if you do this, you should still save money compared to using our competitors.

You can rest assured that there is nothing "wrong" with our companies. In fact, quite the opposite. We are offering you a full service company formation with all the paperwork (not just some of it) and no tricks or get-out clauses. You can read our full plain-English terms of business here.

... and of course, we will never sell or rent your details to anyone. As part of the service we do provide you regular business updates, and we may include special offers which may be of interest to you, but we will not allow third parties to contact you directly. See our privacy policy for full details.

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You will have a lot to do in setting up your business, so we want to make this step easy for you. Within one working day, we can send you a newly formed, tailor-made company, ready to trade. All the paperwork is done for you, and you even get a registered office and professional company secretary. And all we ask in return is £5 of your hard-earned money, plus fees and taxes.

If you can find a better deal than this, you should take it. But if you are ready to get your business started, click below to order today.

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* £5 fee is quoted exclusive of fees and taxes. In addition there is a government fee of £13, credit/debit card processing fee of £1.25 and VAT at 20%, making a grand total of £20.50.